In year seven you will study a variety of subjects. These are :-
English, Mathematics, French, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, Design, Art, Religious Studies, Information Technology, Personal and Social Education, Physical Education and Games.
Generally, you will have a different teacher for each subject. Your academic work will be recorded in exercise books. These will be collected and marked by your teacher. Teachers report back to parents on a number of times during the year.


At the end of the month there is a ‘New Parents Evening’. All parents but not boys are invited to this evening. They have the opportunity to meet your Form Tutor.


Rapid Review Reports are constructed for parents showing your academic progress grades. In addition teachers report back on your effort. During November there will be a Parents Evening. You and your parents will be invited to attend individual meetings with your subject teachers to discuss your progress.
Major reports are issued in March. This is reviewed during a meeting with your Tutor. Each pupil is seen individually and progress is discussed as well as academic targets set for the year ahead. 
During the PHSE lessons you will receive guidance on how you may best construct a revision timetable ready for the end of year exams.
This is the month of the end of year exams. You will sit an exam in each of the major subjects you study. These last approximately one hour each.
Before the end of term your teachers will inform you of the results of the exams. These results are sent home at the end of year in the end of year report.