If your first day at school is a Friday then you will need to bring your Games (Rugby) kit with you.
You must report to the School Hall by 9 o’clock You will be directed to your form groups. Your Form Tutor will then take you to your form rooms. Remember to take with you a sturdy school bag, complete with the equipment you will need every day. You should have :- pens, pencils, eraser, coloured pencils, Pritt stick and a Maths Set. You should bring this booklet with you and your homework diary. You should bring a distinctive/named key ring to hold your locker key. This will be issued to you as soon as they are available. You will be asked to pay a small deposit within a week of receipt. Decide if you wish to bring sandwiches for school lunch. Your pencil case and possessions must be clearly marked with your name and form. Most of this first day is spent with your Form Tutor. They will provide you with important information such as:- your timetable, locker location and times you will need games or P.E. kit
During the first few days you will take lunch at an earlier time than the rest of the school. During the first few days you will be issued with exercise books and text books. You will be issued with a small booklet called the school calendar. This will include a map of the school as well as a day by day description of key events during the term. The first day can be quite tiring!  Don’t worry! Someone is always at hand to help you through these first confusing days.