The very thought of homework causes most pupils anxiety!

Homework is set every night and is part of you new life at Camp Hill. However, it should not cause you anxiety if you are organised and prepared. Your form tutor will devise a Homework Timetable before the end of the first week. Typically, you can expect to have homework in three subjects most nights and in four subjects on one night. As a guideline we expect you to spend at least 20 minutes on each subject.

You should plan to spend at least one hour each night on homework. Homework is set in subject lessons and should be recorded immediately in your homework diary. Your entry should be written out in full. For example if you simply write ‘finish exercises` or ‘do reading` you will certainly have a problem remembering which exercises and what reading.

Homework is normally handed in to subject teachers by the monitor the next day. If you do not do your homework, if homework is incomplete or you fail to hand your book in for marking you will receive a sanction from the subject teacher. If this were to become a regular occurrence then you can expect your Form Tutor, your Head of Year and parents to become involved.

To make the most of your school career you will need to take your homework commitment very seriously.


Below are some important guidelines:-

1. Record homework in your Homework Diary as soon as it is set.

2. Make an accurate record of the work set.

3. At the end of the school day go to your locker and pack the books you need for homework.

4. When you reach home, aim to do your homework before anything else.

5. Work in a specially prepared room with a desk.

6. Do not attempt to have TV or music in the background. You need to concentrate without distraction. Studies show that if you have music or TV in the background homework takes twice as long.

7. As soon as homework is complete pack your bag for the next day.

Follow these simple rules and the task of homework will never become a burden and should be complete before six o’clock. Many pupils like to have a good rest at the weekend. A good idea is to do your weekend homework on Friday night as soon as you return home. In this way you will have most of Friday evening and all of Saturday and Sunday for pursuits of your choice.