It is only natural to feel anxious moving to the big school. Every pupil feels the same. What are you feeling anxious about?

Is it bullying?

Bullying is taken to be a serious offence at Camp Hill. If a pupil is found to have caused distress to another they can expect to be dealt with the Head of Year or the Headmaster. If you experience any difficulties with another pupil then you are urged to seek advice from your Form Tutor or Head of Year.

Is it the big boys?

New year seven pupils are often surprised to find that the older pupils are generally very sympathetic and kind. They remember what it was like to be a new boy.

Is it about getting lost?

This is a common cause of anxiety in the first few days. The new building appears to be so large! Don’t worry! You will find a map of the school buildings in your calendar, which you will normally carry in your jacket pocket. If you do get lost then ask someone for help. It is very unlikely that you will ever be alone in the first few days and you can draw courage from being in a group. Very quickly, you will find your way around and you will wonder why you ever worried about ‘getting lost’.

Is it about teachers?

At Camp Hill you will be taught by subject teachers usually for a lesson at a time. Pupils generally like teachers to be understanding, kind, and to have a sense of humour. Teachers who ‘know the subject well`, inspire pupils with confidence. Pupils prefer teachers to have ‘control of the class.’ Rest assured we know that your first few weeks are difficult and we will do our best to help you settle in.

Is it about losing equipment and books?

You will have a great number of books and different types of clothing to remember. Your locker key is a vital piece of equipment that you should have at all times. However, you will need your books for lessons and clothing for Design, Games and PE. If you remember to always check your bag at night when you finish your homework and at the end of the school day, you should have few problems. If you follow a routine you will be organized and ready for anything.