Welcome to Camp Hill

Dear Pupils and Parents,

Welcome to your new school! The new pupils will be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness about their transfer to secondary school. This web site will answer some of your questions and aims to address some of your anxieties.
Camp Hill School for Boys will offer you an exciting opportunity to develop your academic potential. Apart from new subjects to study you will have the opportunity to take part in a range of new activities. You will make new friends during the next year. Make the most of this opportunity and enjoy your new school. Your feelings of anxiety are normal and both staff and pupils will be eager to help you adjust to your new surroundings. Remember to do your best. If you have questions do not be afraid to ask. Once again, welcome !
Yours sincerely
AJ Caves
Head of Year Seven.

Welcome to the KE Camp Hill Boys induction blog.

You will meet Mr Roden (Headmaster) and Mr Caves (Head of Year Seven) during the day. You will be introduced to your Form Tutor, your form room and your Housemaster. Part of the day is spent with current pupils who will give you a short guided tour of the school building. During the day you will take lunch in the Dining room and participate in sample lessons. This is to help you to see what life at Camp Hill is like.

Most boys will be transferring on their own. You will make friends but you will have to make an effort to do so. Find out the names of boys in your form as quickly as you can. Make sure no one is left on their own. You will soon realise that there are other boys living in your area that attend Camp Hill . Perhaps you can travel to and from school together.

You will register with your form tutor at 8.45am every day. If you are absent from school for any reason you must bring a letter from a parent as soon as you return. These letters must be given to your form tutor. Your form tutor is an important person in your life at Camp Hill. They are interested in your welfare and your academic progress. If you have any questions about school you should firstly speak to your form tutor. The form tutor is the person you should see if you have any difficulties.